Digital X-Rays

The computer era has brought us an exciting new technology called digital radiography. With this technology, we use computerized equipment and software to capture x-ray images of your mouth and teeth. We do this by exposing a small sensor or plate that feeds the image into a computer.

Taking digital x-rays is faster because the sensor is merely moved from tooth to tooth and the digital x-ray can be seen on a computer monitor just moments after exposure. There is no waiting for chemical development as with film packets. It is also faster because digital x-rays are available within moments on the computer monitor, with no development steps in between.

The lack of chemicals also makes digital x-ray safer for the environment. Digital radiography is safe for you too. Because the unit is so sensitive, the amount of x-ray radiation is up to 80% less than with conventional x-rays.

Digital x-ray technology enables more efficient diagnosis and treatment because it provides a large easy to see image, and it allows us to make adjustments and see details in the digital x-ray images. With digital x-rays, we can offer you faster and safer diagnosis and dental treatment.

Digital radiography has many advantages over traditional dental x-rays:

  • It is faster
  • It is safer with no chemical development and less radiation
  • We can view images instantly
  • Images can be stored electronically and e-mailed to specialists and insurance companies